We are a group of concerned Thurston County Citizens working for a sensible wireless code in our county. 
Thurston County is currently in the process of updating it's wireless code to comply with updated regulations from the FCC and to allow for the small wireless (4G/5G) rollout.  The first public hearing is June 2nd and we need your comments.
Why Should You Be Concerned?
According to the draft code, small wireless facilities can be placed in the right of way, in your front yard or your neighbors yard, with no notices of application or approval and you get 3 days notice before installation if it's adjacent to your house (no notice to neighbors). 
There is no verification or testing that the wireless radiation being emitted is within FCC "safe" range other than a statement provided by a "qualified" person from the wireless company.  
In other communities where this is being rolled out, exposure levels are regularly being found above FCC "safe" levels.  The only recourse is to report them to the FCC and they will investigate, eventually, or you can get a lawyer.  This code represents a removal of due process, failure to protect property values, and the health and safety of county citizens.
What do we want?

1. The county needs to slow down and form a citizen advisory board to help develop the code.

2. Reasonable rules for all small wireless facilities need to be developed that include:

  • Significant Setbacks from dwellings.

  • Notification of application to all residents within range.

  • Proof the facility is filling a gap in coverage when in residential areas. 

  • Power limits for residential areas.

  • Independent testing before, after installation, as well as randomly, of power levels in the field.

Please comment by June 2nd.​
Image by Jonas Stolle
How to Comment


Those wishing to testify should connect remotely to the virtual public hearing at 7pm June 2nd. If unable to attend, mailed or emailed comments on the amendments may be sent by email to

Kaitlynn.Nelson@co.thurston.wa.us, or Kaitlynn may also be reached at 360-522-0508.